Why Twitter’s new link structure doesn’t work for me

On March 31, Twitter once again changed its look and feel for a select group of users. I posted a screenshot here. Here’s Twitter’s explanation behind the change. Now, whenever you search or click, the content you’re going for is pulled right into the white content area. It feels simpler, and in some cases faster, though I have noticed some lag on @mentions (formerly @replies) and DMs.

Slow loading times aside, the idea makes sense. It gives the information available on Twitter a more immediate feel and focus. However…it’s just not working for me.

I’m something of a curmudgeon. I have certain browsing habits, and I don’t like having to adapt them. I tend to keep certain websites open in certain tabs in a certain order. It annoys me if those websites aren’t the first sites in each tab’s history. In other words, the tab I generally keep open begins on the page I want; there’s no “back” available. That way, if I do happen to browse forward, I can hit the back drop-down and select the very first page to get back to my standard view.

In Twitter’s case, I like for http://twitter.com/home to be one page forward from my blog, so I can hit back to get to my blog quickly when nothing’s really happening on Twitter. And after clicking on my DMs or mentions, I click the back button on my mouse to get to Twitter home.

Unfortunately, that no longer works! When I hit back, the browser URL changes, but the page’s content stays on whatever I clicked last. I end up having to hit refresh to get the home screen back while keeping Twitter home as my second history item.

This causes me no small amount of consternation.

I’m accustomed to CMSes and other web apps working like this. If I had one tab that was just for Twitter, I suppose I could get used to clicking “Home” instead of hitting back. If I really make the effort, I could adjust to this.

But I don’t want to! I’m set in my ways. I like how I’ve been using Twitter since 2007. And who’s to say they won’t just change it again later, forcing me to adjust again?

Damn kids…get off my lawn.

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