Shelter-in-Place: Day 120

I’ve decided that daily updates aren’t tenable, and trying to hold myself to that standard won’t help anything. Going forward, I’m not going to attempt to post every day, but I am going to try to post regularly, especially when something new happens or I have something in particular to say.

I went through yet another depressive period recently, as you may have seen. I won’t link to it from this post because it’s really not worth looking at. I don’t know if it was related to readjusting to my meds, or if I am just going to keep plummeting into despair every now and then until coronavirus is over…

My tendinitis has backed off, which is great, and I had another lovely walk with coworkers the other day, and yesterday I ate a Double Stuf Oreo for the first time in months. So some nice things have been happening. I also started playing Wii Sports Resort again. It’s been something like eight years? Maybe not that long, but who knows. Anyway, it’s still fun :)

I have two projects to do. First, my custom-cut mat boards came in, so I can hang my Art Nouveau-style Padmé, Leia, and Rey prints. Second, I still haven’t put the LED light strips into the china cabinet. Maybe I’ll get to one or both of these things this weekend.

Lately we have had something of an infestation of fruit flies. Today I realized the middle window in the sunroom has been sitting open a crack (like a few millimeters), and I closed it. Hopefully that was how they were getting in and we won’t see any more of them.

I mentioned before that we needed to get to watching Picard. Well, we did. We binged the whole thing in a couple days. The fifth episode was pretty terrible, and I was starting to get upset, but the ending was fantastic, so on the whole I would say it was a good series. And it’s getting a second season, and Guinan’s going to be in it, so that’s cool.

There’s probably more to say, but I don’t feel like working on this post any longer, so I’ll wrap it up here. The benefits of a personal blog: no need to write formally in any way.