It always takes me awhile to get through one of Geoffrey Chaucer’s posts, because, you know, I don’t speak Old English, generally. So when I saw he had a new post up I refrained from reading it, saving it until I had the time to really hunker down.

Today, however, I accidentally loaded the post. As I was going for Bloglines’ “keep as new” button, I glanced down to what seemed from the fact that it was all uppercase to be a particularly emotional sentence…and I saw:


Yes. Yes! Chaucer, I love you.

(And I admit it: I love Chris Crocker, too. That video has brought such delight to my life. After all she’s been through!)


Occasionally I wonder if I should care more about stuff like Britney Spears’ performance at the VMAs, since blogs and major news organizations and weirdos on YouTube all seem so intent on it. So I do a little research, I see what people are saying–maybe she had a broken heel, maybe she’s just going through a rough patch in her life, maybe she was phoning it in and doesn’t respect her fans. And I take a look at the actual video in question, which does seem a little lackluster.

But ultimately, I still find no reason to care, and now I’ve wasted ten minutes of my life.

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Okay, Highlander is awesome, but…


That comic looks badass, and the cover art is beautiful. I’d really like to read the story.

But $249.95?!?!?!?

Sure, right now it’s $149.95, but is that really any better? It’s still ridiculous.

I’d pay $35, maybe $50. Maybe.

I guess I’m just not hardcore anymore.