One in every three [Japanese] cars now a minivehicle

One official said the number of minivehicles soared in 2006 “because automakers took the wraps off a slew of new models and unleashed fully restyled models.”


Industry officials said the minivehicle category has been popular particularly with women and the elderly because they are easy to drive.

Such cars also benefited from fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs after the asset-inflated bubble burst in the early 1990s, they said.

Here’s Shiba, reporter for Pro Tennis magazine in the anime Prince of Tennis, in her awesome minicar. I want one!

Quick anime reactions

Kanon 3

Boring. Not as boring as the original anime incarnation. But I’m only watching because Kyon’s in it.

Himawari! 4

Still waiting for this dude to realize his ninja heritage and go apeshit.

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge 3


Well. At least their lips aren’t quite as pink now. Either that or I’m getting used to it…

Seriously, this is fun. It goes all kinds of weird places.

Asatte no Houkou 3

They’re not related by blood! I sense a love triangle coming on. ;P

Prince of Tennis: National Championship 4

Ludicrous speed, go! (I mean, I like my Prince of Tennis ludicrous, but at least normally somebody explains the ludicrousness so that it halfwaysorta makes sense.)

Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi 2

How many people knew from the beginning that nobody else could see that guy? *waves hand*

NANA 23 and 24

Just…wow. This is one of the best series, with some of the best character development, I have ever seen. And that’s in general, not just in anime.