I have an idea

I think I will create a section of private webspace where I can write whatever I want. From that space I will select things to go public. Some things will never see the light of day. I think by doing this I can avoid most, if not all, of my writing fears, and just write anything and everything. Since it will be private, I’ll even be able to write about projects I am working on or would like to work on without fear of some random internet person stealing my ideas.

I’ll see about setting up the private area later this week.

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Here’s where I am

Sorry I haven’t written up my blog redesign process yet. I have been extremely busy at work and that has drained me for the rest of the time. All my projects are suffering because of it. But I’m not discouraged, really; I know that after this craziness is over I’ll have more time and brainpower. Of course, I’m going to England in under two weeks, so it may be awhile before I’m back to a decent routine.

One thing that has been bothering me is the fact that the design of my blog right now is not the design I wanted. It’s more like a design I conceived and never finished in 2004. When I put this thing together, the look was secondary to getting the structure workable. Now that I have the blog set up with an external stylesheet, I will hopefully be more easily able to change the look.

A redesign of this blog will need to take a backseat to other things, though: my website project with Mike, my webcomic project with Sam, the redesign of and new shopping cart implementation for my parents’ business website, etc.

I’m also rereading (or rather, reading, since I never actually finished it) Getting Things Done. Hopefully I will learn some techniques to better organize my time and keep from stressing out over everything I want to do!

The right tools

My project for this weekend arrived yesterday: a nice flat workspace with no hutch and no drawers. Once it’s assembled I’ll have a great place to work on projects, on my laptop or otherwise.

I haven’t been happy with my current computer setup for awhile now. Sitting in the living room on the couch or floor is not conducive to doing serious work. I typically end up goofing off online or watching anime. The point was driven home for me recently when I went to visit Sam in Huntsville. The purpose of the visit was to get some headway on a webcomic we’ve been working on. At first I was sitting on his couch with my laptop; it wasn’t until the next day, when I created a work area for myself at his roleplaying table, that I started getting things done.

I’m very excited about that project. I’m also amped up about an online venture I devised and will be pursuing with the help of a new friend, Mike. It’s important to me that I have a space where I can sit and focus, so these projects don’t end up in the “I wonder if…” bin.

The new desk won’t magically transform me into a workhorse, but having the right tools is essential for success. I can’t wait to get started.