Request to acquaintances of my best friend Brooke

Lay off, a’ight?

I don’t know who it is who decided that pressuring newlyweds into having babies right now you’re not getting any younger where are the babies oh they’re so cute don’t you want children I can’t wait to babysit for you was a good idea, but it is not. Have you ever heard of letting people enjoy their marriage first? Especially Brooke and David, who didn’t have the luxury of living anywhere near each other while they were dating?

I never thought anything good could come out of being most likely infertile, but I guess one good thing has been that no one really pesters me about when I’m going to get preggers. Every now and then someone will ask, but the most annoying thing I have to deal with is, “What about adoption? Adoption is so great.” Most people understand that adoption is a choice, and don’t really press.

But having kids the natural way is also a choice, and it seems like people don’t get that!

So all of you who keep mentioning babies to Brooke: shut up. Just let her breathe. Let her adjust to living life 1) married; 2) in an entirely new country; 3) far away from her friends and everything she’s ever known. Do you really think she needs to add kids to the pot? Can you demand with a clear conscience that children be brought into an already stressful situation before the parents are ready?

I know you love kids and all, but try thinking about other people’s needs, mmkay?