Weird observation

I can’t remember ever hearing a news story about a plain-looking, regular student killed in a wreck. They’re always beautiful and sociable and everyone in the school knew them. Do news outlets just not bother with the unpopular kids, or are popular kids more likely to get in wrecks?

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"A real live Pakistani, who practices Muslimism"

Have you heard of this new show Aliens in America? I hadn’t, until TheStraightPoop mentioned she’s going to be an extra.

Click here and watch some of the videos. I mean, damn. I’m offended, amused, and intrigued, all at once.

It looks like it could be worth watching. Actually, some of the stuff, just from the videos, is scary because I recognize it from my life. I’m not talking about the prejudice, which is more blatant than I would expect, but the other things, the culture. The alpacas :>

(I do think I should point out that I was once acquainted with some Pakistani Muslims and I’m not sure they would always wear traditional garments. It seemed like it was the women who did that, while the men just wore western clothes.)

“Muslimism”. Snerk.