Vaughn didn’t win ;_;

I was rooting for Vaughn Taylor in this year’s Masters Tournament. He’s from Augusta, and this was his second Masters, and he was playing extremely well up until the last few holes of Round Three.

I didn’t really watch much of the Masters today, but when I checked out Amen Corner Live at briefly I saw that Vaughn had fallen quite a bit, while Tiger had stayed towards the top. I watched Tiger hit a lovely drive that apparently turned into an eagle (I don’t know, I’m just happy when the ball goes into the hole), and started quietly changing my vote to Tiger, but ultimately he didn’t win either. The Green Jacket goes to Zach Johnson from Iowa, who up until now hadn’t won a major.

Well, best wishes to Johnson, and good work to all the players on this year’s cold and hard course.

But I still wish Vaughn had won.

(Did you know that before I started dating Sean, I had no idea the Masters even existed?)

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