Waiting for a Fare

by Antonio Scarpacci

for a fare.

Here comes one now.
Oh, it looks like he wants to go someplace far.

You just want directions to the lighthouse?

It’s right there, you stinking little tourist!
What are you, blind?
Hey! You’re gonna lose that finger, pal!
Get in! I’ll drive you into the cold, dark ocean!

for a fare.

(Yes, my Wings season 4 DVDs arrived today. How could you tell?)

The Puppetmaster

Joe: Way to go, Brian. You managed to get Helen, who you want to go out with, to fall for a guy who turns out to be a pilot so she won’t go out with him but with you instead.

Brian: If we were to diagram that sentence…where would you put the gerund?

Joe: I think you know where.

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