Found him.

In the episode “Hatchery”, Ensign Walsh was in the armory when T’Pal’s mutiny began. Here’s a shot of him as he meets up with the rest of the officers (click thumbnail for full image):

Walsh went with Trip down to the hatchery to get Captain Archer. After they moved through the hatch and into the chamber, I got a pretty good shot:

His only line, as far as I can tell, was saying “Yes Sir” after Trip told him “You’re with me”.

I’m not sure if he’s going to end up a red shirt, or if he’ll have a recurring role as Walsh. It’ll be interesting to find out. His name wasn’t even in the opening credits, though, so I guess he’s not important enough just yet. He might have been listed in the closing credits, but I don’t have those to check.

TV Tome doesn’t list him either. I submitted the info; we’ll see if they add it. I listed him as “Duncan K. Fraser”, because there are two Duncan Frasers in Hollywood already. Useless Trivia: the K stands for “Kirkson”, because he’s the son of Kirk Fraser. Yes, that is true.

So yeah…he’s on Enterprise.

(Funny that they’re fighting “the Insectoids” now. AJ might–might–understand that joke.)

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    Anonymous said…

    Do you mean that he looks something like an insect himself?
    Sunday, May 16, 2004 9:33:00 AM

    Heather Meadows said…

    We always used to say that he looked like a bug.

    At least, I think we always used to say that. Maybe it was just me.
    Sunday, May 16, 2004 6:00:00 PM

    Matt said…

    So, was that a dream of his, to me on Star Trek? Was he an artsy-fartsy type? Hoe did he end up where he is? Did you see this coming? I’ve watched a few episodes of Enterprise. I gave up on Star Trek DS9 just before it got really good (I went off to college … it was getting to be okay then). And I started watching VoGAYer when Jeri Ryan joined because she grew up in Paducah. Swear, that’s why I started watching. Still to this day I can’t stand Captain Janeway and I BOOed the screen in the last Star Trek when she appeared as an admiral. What were they thinking? That character has never been loved and here they’re making her a higher up than Picard … BOSSING Picard around. MY GOD. Poor Picard, I’m sure Star Fleet has him on their blacklist because every other movie, there goes another ship: ‘Well, Jean Luc, we’d like to give you that promotion, but, you know, you just lost another 4.5 trillion credit ship … and even though we’re in this ‘new’ economy where everything’s free, but yet somehow people run restaurants and whatnot, that sorta still pisses us off about you.
    Tuesday, May 18, 2004 6:10:00 PM

    Heather Meadows said…

    Well, part of the obsessing over someone from afar bit is that you never truly know the person. They are just who you think they are, that perfect person on the ivory pedestal in your mind. I knew he liked Star Wars and kung fu, and I liked Star Wars and kung fu. I knew he was cute. Those were pretty much the only things that mattered to my teenaged mind.

    The last time I saw Duncan, he was selling knives at a kiosk in Fayette Mall. He told me that he had sent a head shot in to Lucasfilm, trying to get the part of Anakin Skywalker in Episode II. Obviously, this was some time ago.

    I’ve never seen him act (that episode really doesn’t count), but I think he would have been perfect for that part. :>
    Tuesday, May 18, 2004 11:11:00 PM

    Anonymous said…

    I looked up his name on and there are two articles about him from the Jessamine Journal describing his ascent to Hollywood.
    Monday, June 28, 2004 10:24:00 AM

    Anonymous said…

    Hey there Heather and and all! :-D All of this speculation would be much more accurate if you just visit my site, ya know. ;-) –– Also you can now find me on Good call on the listing as Duncan ‘K.’ Fraser, Heather. TV Tome did decide to list me by the way, so thanks for that. :-) The goobers at imdb actually gave my speaking credit on Star Trek to the OTHER Duncan Fraser until I and some others straightened them out. :-6 Oh, and just for the record, I like Star Wars better than Star Trek. Much love to both, but Wars has been ingrained since I was 2. %-) Speaking of which, we just finished principal photography on “Return of Pink Five”. Not sure when that’ll be released, but I got to be a stunt Stormtrooper, Luke Skywalker, an Ewok, and the 2nd Assistant Director for the location shoots in the Redwoods. Check out the website and blog for pics, etc. ––. Take care now! Send me an e-mail everybody! :-D

    Sunday, July 10, 2005 4:36:00 AM

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