I was very “Oh, I’m so awesome!” in my New Year’s Resolution post, but since then I haven’t been awesome at all. I can place some of the blame on two unexpected periods, and some of the blame on cold weather that discouraged me from getting on the bike…but these are excuses, not reasons. The fact is that I have been lazy.

I’ve also been weak; the photos on this blog can attest to that. Look at all the crap I’ve been eating! I’ve fallen back into my old habits, where I feel bad, so I eat, and then I feel bad about eating, so I eat more.

If this doesn’t stop I’m never going to lose any more weight. In fact, I’ll gain it all back.

It’s gotten to the point that I hate looking at myself in the mirror. I haven’t felt this way in a long time.

I’m posting this in the hopes that it will serve as fresh motivation. Last week I started going to a personal trainer; we did measurements, and they are as follows:

Height (in) 63.3
Weight (lbs) 214
Chest Girth (in) 45
Abdomen Girth (in) 40.75
Waist Girth (in) 40.5
Hips Girth (in) 49
Waist to Hip Ratio .83
Bicep Girth R (in) 14.2
Thigh Girth R (in) 26
Calf Girth R (in) 16.5
Body Mass Index (BMI) 37.5
Body Composition
3 Site Skinfold 25.2%
Lean Body Mass 160 lbs
Sum of Skinfolds 67.5


  1. It IS hard, but you’ve seen you can do it, so you can CONTINUE to do it. I had hit a plateau there, and when combined with my own emotions, winter here, the holidays and all, I went up a bit. Then I got back on track, but I’d lose one, gain one, stay the same a few weeks, and repeat that same pattern. I was frustrated, but I thought about the fact that I want SMALLER spring clothes, not larger ones, so I kept with it.

    I’m pleased to say that in this past week, my body has caught up with my plateau, and I’m now losing weight easily again.

    I’m not saying this to depress you, I’m saying this for you to see that plateaus can last for a hella long time! Mine had started in October. (I wish I’d been more open about it at the time, I might not have gotten so frustrated with it over the holidays! But I didn’t want anyone to know I was struggling, so instead of getting support from my friends, I got support from Christmas goodies. BAD MISTAKE!) So don’t give up, don’t let the frustration of the plateau tip you into backtracking over all of your hard work!!

    Give yourself a small, realistic goal to get you back into the swing of things. Maybe you start out with deciding not to eat something, instead of losing X many pounds. THEN you can work up next week to a new goal, then set up an “I’ll lose this much before my trip to England” or something like that. Keep it small and obtainable, and you’ll be back in the swing of it in no time, and rocking along steadily to your goal!! :D

    You can do this. And I’m behind you, cheering you on. :)

  2. Thank you so much. That really does help, knowing you had plateaued too. You’ve been very inspiring to me with all you’ve accomplished–not only the weight loss itself, but all the healthy changes in your life. Now when I get jealous and sour and grumpy about it, I can always think, “Hey, it’s not like she has it easy.”

    Love you. *hug*

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