Sweet Lou’s Crab Shack

Today I decided to try a new place for lunch: Sweet Lou’s Crab Shack on Broad Street near 13th.

Sweet Lou's Crab Shack

I noticed the place the other day–there’s a huge blue banner with the restaurant’s name and a neat-looking crab right over the door. Today, upon closer inspection, I see the name “Sweet Lou’s Coffee and Bagel Sandwich Shop” on the windows. I’m not sure I would have been as intrigued by that…so bravo, Lou, on your rebranding!

Close-up of banner

The place is done up like a beach restaurant/coffee shop. You really just have to see it. I would have sat inside to enjoy the decor, but I was the only customer and it’s beautiful outside, so I opted for the sunny Broad Street view.

View of Broad Street from my table

The girl behind the counter has reddish hair and a smile like Christina Applegate’s. She plucked me up a menu off the coffee table in the couch and chair lounge area near the back of the joint. Looking over the selections, I was surprised at the number of items that did not involve crab. I noted that they have breakfast, sandwiches, and entrees, and they’re a little pricey. I settled on a fish sandwich called “Harbor Breeze”, a fruit salad (the sandwiches don’t come with any sides) and a can of Diet Coke.

my meal

I waited about 25 minutes for my food, but it was worth it. The fruit salad consisted of a large, pleasantly smooth green bowl filled with grapes, pineapple, strawberries, and kiwi. “Your fruit salad looks amazing,” the girl said as she placed it in front of me. “I’m jealous.”

fruit salad

The fish, light and crispy on the outside from frying, came on a toasted bagel with lettuce, tomato, and orange (probably American) cheese. It was delicious.

close-up of fish sandwich

The prices are a bit steep, and the location, on a block with a payday lender, a nail salon, a planned parenthood office and an imaging service, is not ideal. But the food is delicious, the ambiance is relaxed and fun, and there are indoor and outdoor seating options. It should do well…as long as enough people discover it!


  1. I took a picture of the menu; I’ll be able to look at it and post some information later. I can tell you right now that my meal cost $13.

  2. Okay, here’s a breakdown:

    Breakfast ranges from bagels for $2.50 all the way up to steak and eggs for $10.99.

    Breakfast side items are each $3. There are three of them: Lou Potatoes, Fruit Salad, and Cheese Grits.

    Lunch sandwiches start at $4.89 and go up to $10.99. The Harbor Breeze was $6.99.

    Entrees range from $12.99 through $23.99.

    You can also buy shrimp and crab in bulk from the restaurant. 1/2 pound of crab is $9.99; four pounds is $75.99.

    Entree side items are cole slaw, potatoes, and corn. No price was listed so I’m guessing one or all of these comes with the entree.

    Many of the prices don’t seem too bad, but you have to take into account that the sandwiches don’t come with a side item.

  3. The crab legs were perfect! The lady was sweet & nice. It was a good place to eat, relax & watch football while listening to good music.

  4. Just randomly stopped into this place for dinner. Sweet Lou's is my new fav in augusta. The atmosphere is perfect, the staff was great, and the food was delicious! I've decided to make this a weekly venture, and plan on bringing a crowd next time. Also, they now do karaoke on tuesdays!

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