Detective Conan episode 535: The payoff

It only took 13 years!

Takagi's surprised as Satou kisses him

Satou and Takagi kiss, close up

Satou and Takagi kiss, wide angle

Satou and Takagi kiss, as seen by the Detective Boys at the door

Maybe someday Conan will tell Ran that he’s really Shinichi. (Episode 1000? ;P)


  1. LOL! So true. Half of me wants Conan to become Shinichi again, but since that would sorta end the series (SEQUAL?! :DD) the other half wants him to stay Conan for as long as possible, but to tell ran and come back as Shinichi at some point so the fans can have some well-deserved fluff.

  2. I never even considered the possibility of him telling Ran but remaining Conan. That would break the fundamental structure of the story!

    I suppose there could be a scenario in which Conan defeats the black organization, but fails to find data on APTX4869, so he's stuck as Conan until Haibara can figure it out. The show would totally change, though. How weird would that be!

    …too weird, I think :>

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