Short attention span

Sometimes I will eat about three bites of my meal and think, “Okay, that’s enough of that. Can I have something different now?” The multi-course meal I enjoyed with Brooke and David at The Old Vicarage is a good example of how I seem to want to be fed.


  1. I'm still SO VERY PLEASED that Tessa didn't mind asking the chef to do the tasting menu for us! I also like that she said to us that it was just as much fun for him as it was for us, because it was smashing! :)

    The only thing that remotely bothered me, though, was the lady with the man and young boy who loudly started going on about how she'd wanted the tasting menu and for whatever reason, their table didn't have it. Oh, you know, maybe one of the others hadn't wanted it, seeing as it has to be ordered by the entire table? No, I think it hadn't been offered that night, or maybe it needs to be reserved in advance, because it seemed a bit of a surprise to Tessa, too, to be asked.

    I was afraid that lady would cause a scene, or say something ugly to Tessa or one of her staff about it. But, all turned out well. :D

  2. I actually didn't hear that lady at all, maybe because my back was to her. But yeah, it is pretty low class to make that sort of comment, in any restaurant really.

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