Getting toned

I was looking back through my “health”-tagged posts and realized I haven’t talked about what I’ve been doing lately.

The last weight I recorded here on my blog was 217. I’m sorry to say that I’m up to 230. I know some of that must be muscle, but it’s still been hard to see that number show up every time I’ve weighed in the last few weeks. I wasn’t very vigilant about eating right while on vacation, and I didn’t work out, either. But now I’m back on track, and I’m hoping that a new workout routine, plus packing my lunches, plus Sean and my decision to eat more home-cooked meals, will result in some weight loss.

When I got back from England, it was the middle of the week. I decided to just not worry about anything other than unpacking, organizing, and getting resettled at work. I didn’t even see my trainer until the following Tuesday. But starting at that point I began to build some good habits.

Every weekday I have been getting up sometime between 6 and 7. On days when I don’t see my trainer I go to the gym earlier than 8 and do 20-30 minutes of cardio, some strength training with free weights and machines, then some ab and back work. If I’ve made it to the gym early enough, I then go swimming for a bit, and sometimes even have time to sit in the hot tub afterwards. I leave at 9, the same time as I leave when I do see my trainer, which gives me just enough time to get home, shower, pack a lunch, and head out the door.

The first week I was pretty good about packing a lunch, but last week I slipped and this week has been kind of stressful, so I ended up eating out more than I should have. Still, I’m proud that I haven’t missed a single workout on the weekdays. I’m hoping to start working out on Saturday, too, but at my trainer’s suggestion I’ll leave Sunday as a day of rest.

To save money, I’m quitting Weight Watchers and have started using The Daily Plate at to track my food and exercise. The UI isn’t great, but the food database is exceptional, and I can use the iPhone application without having to be online.

I’ve already noticed that my arms and legs seem more toned. My trainer says my waist is more toned as well. I can’t tell, but I hope it’s true! I think I’m on the road to making real progress, rather than just talking about wishing I was.


  1. You deserve a big "atta-girl" each morning when you post that you went to the gym!

    You are a motivation to the rest of us who need to get up and get moving too! Maybe someday I'll follow your example!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. GOOD FOR YOU!! You're doing well, don't let yourself think otherwise just because numbers or figures might APPEAR otherwise!

    Focus on how you're feeling, and I'm sure you'll notice a VAST improvement in yourself from the point you started, til now.

    Hang in there, Hea, you've made such a great investment in yourself, you owe it to yourself to keep it going. :)


  3. Yaaayyy, I am right there with you Heather. It's like we're living parallel lives in some freaky parallel universe. :) I've been tracking my food on Sparkpeople, but sometimes I steal my nutritional info from dailyplate- they seem to have a little more stuff. You keep it up and I'll keep it up and we'll be strong toned women!

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