Chicken Salad Salad

See, it's chicken salad, ATOP a salad.

And it's delicious.


  1. I thought it was Boll Weevil, but the window behind the table threw me off. I don't remember any vertical blinds in the place??!

    OH WAIT. Maybe at some of the windows along the front of the place? Ahhhh, I bet that's where you were sitting, right?

    GOD, I miss me some Boll Weevil!!

  2. Yes'm, I was in the room straight back from the entrance, at the front corner, where it looks like there used to be a TV. There are all sorts of different looks in that place!

    There's a makeshift screen between that room and the kitchen now, which is kind of odd.

  3. Oh, but actually what you're seeing there is the back of the chair in front of me. I was facing the entrance to the restaurant and the other room was apparently brighter than where I was sitting.

  4. Oh, RIGHT! I see the back of the chair, now. But yes, it still "feels" like the front rooms. Crazy about the kitchen being moved over to that side. Is it just SOME of the food, and maybe the drinks or something, or have they totally changed around the location of the kitchen? Weird.

    Mmmm, I wants Boll Weevil.

  5. I'm not sure how long it's been like that, but as far as I can remember there has always been that narrow room behind the dessert counter. I guess there is more kitchen over behind the bar?

  6. The main kitchen is –or at least had been since they opened– behind the bar, and only certain things like desserts and drinks came from behind the dessert counter.

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