This morning’s McDonald’s experience

I ordered a number 12, which is two sausage burritos and hash browns, with a Diet Coke, no ice, and a fruit ‘n yogurt parfait.

At first I received…a fruit ‘n yogurt parfait. “I also ordered a number 12,” I informed the girl at the window. She had me pull forward.

When she came out with my food, there was no drink. “I also had a Diet Coke, no ice,” I told her. As she ran back in to get the drink, I looked in the bag and saw that there was an apple pie in it. There also seemed to be two burritos and a hash brown, though, so I decided not to worry about it.

Finally at work I opened everything and discovered that instead of two sausage burritos, I was given two breakfast burritos.


  1. You dare question my knowledge of the McDonald's menu? I actually do eat there, you know.

    Sausage burritos are egg and sausage in a tortilla. They are fairly skinny. Breakfast burritos have egg, sausage, peppers, and cheese (and possibly other stuff) in the tortilla, and they are fatter.

  2. Oh, no, I wasn't questioning your supreme knowledge of the McDonald's menu; I DON'T eat there much, therefore I'm clueless as to what's on the menu.

    Not to mention UK McDonald's wouldn't know a breakfast burrito –sausage or otherwise– if it was thrown at the employees through the 2nd drive through window!!

  3. McDonald's has tasty breakfast food but it's generally all so bad for you and artificial that I don't eat there much…but I do enjoy it on the rare occasions I do. That being said, your order experience does sound really bad. I might send an online complaint. I wonder if someone else ordered two breakfast burritos and an apple pie and got two sausage burritos instead.

  4. I shouldn't eat there much either. I tend to gravitate towards McDonald's when I'm tired or having a bad day. It's comfort food to me.

    I'm not really worried about complaining about it…I just thought it was singularly impressive. If someone behind me was supposed to get the apple pie, I hope they looked in the bag before they drove off!

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