This morning’s McDonald’s experience

I ordered a number 12, which is two sausage burritos and hash browns, with a Diet Coke, no ice, and a fruit ‘n yogurt parfait.

At first I received…a fruit ‘n yogurt parfait. “I also ordered a number 12,” I informed the girl at the window. She had me pull forward.

When she came out with my food, there was no drink. “I also had a Diet Coke, no ice,” I told her. As she ran back in to get the drink, I looked in the bag and saw that there was an apple pie in it. There also seemed to be two burritos and a hash brown, though, so I decided not to worry about it.

Finally at work I opened everything and discovered that instead of two sausage burritos, I was given two breakfast burritos.

Hot soup

So, as those of you who follow my Twitter (that’d be Mom) know, soup ended up in my lap yesterday at lunch. I texted to Twitter immediately,

At lunch. Soup landed in lap. Good story for later!

In retrospect I’m not so sure it’s that interesting, but far be it from me to make such a promise and not deliver.

The table we were sitting at at New Moon Cafe was very wobbly and crooked. I had foolishly chosen a seat at the lowest point. When the waiter attempted to wedge someone’s plate onto the small metal surface, the entire table tipped towards me, dumping my soup all over my pants.

They were very nice and gave me new soup and a gift certificate.