CHF Recovery: Day 14

  • Got up, had protein shake, and took meds
  • Dressed in workout clothes
  • Went on a 35-minute walk (I think maybe the last 2 minutes can count as a cooldown)
  • Took shower and dressed in shorts and T-shirt

When I got changed I tried on a skirt that Mom got me from Modcloth as a birthday present. When I first received it back in May or June or whatever, I couldn’t zip it all the way up. Today I could! And it looks pretty cute. I think I will take it on my upcoming New York trip.

  • Wrote¬†~700 words on a short story
  • Got a chai latte and protein bistro box for lunch
  • Continued writing for hours
  • Ate the leftover half of that Mediterranean salad for dinner
  • Ran an errand to Kroger and got a sweet tea to increase my Writing Energy

Note 7:35pm: As of right now, the story is at 3297 words, which is incredible for me to have written in one day. Then again, I haven’t written anything in weeks. I’m going to try to write more.

  • Wrote until 11:30, finishing at over 6000 words
  • Took bedtime supplements and went to sleep