CHF Recovery: Day 4

For September 17, 2016, here’s some stuff.

  • Woke up naturally at around 7:30 (after going back to bed around 3:30).
  • Had protein shake and took morning meds.
  • Ate some trail mix and fiddled around online until it was time to go to JapanFest. (I had to stop reading chapter 21 of Under the Ruins… right after a Very Exciting Scene and I am looking forward to getting back to it)
  • Drove to JapanFest. Briefly wondered if it was wise to drive on the interstate, but did fine.
  • From around noon till 2:30, walked around JapanFest with Charles and Heidi, occasionally stopping for rest breaks. It was fun but extremely crowded. I am counting this as my exercise for the day; it was a lot of standing and moving around, even if it wasn’t strenuous. The best part was getting to see Kumamon, the mascot character for Kumamoto Prefecture.
  • Somewhere in there I ate lunch. I gave up on guessing which Japanese food would have the least amount of sodium and just bought prepackaged stuff: curry bread and mojimi red bean cakes.
  • I got home around 4 and Sean was just then having dinner, so I ate some snacks and took my heart medicine with them.
  • Basically relaxed for the rest of the day. Ate macaroni and cheese at 9pm.
  • Went to bed at 11:45.