CHF Recovery: Day 42

  • Got up at 9am
  • Forgot to weigh myself
  • Took shower and got dressed
  • Had protein shake and morning meds
  • Went to meet an online friend for the first time; it was fun! We had lunch at a new-to-me restaurant downtown
  • Took my car to the dealer for an oil change and various other maintenance things; sat in a room off the waiting area with my little laptop and chatted and read things (I was planning to write but it was too noisy to concentrate)
  • Went to Costco and gassed up the car and got protein shakes
  • Came home and relaxed for awhile (feeling tired)

Thanks partially to a discussion in couples therapy yesterday and some new information I received today, I am coming to terms with the bad news I received yesterday. I am not happy about it, but I will survive.

  • Read stories
  • Realized it was already 7:30 and I hadn’t done anything about dinner
  • Hemmed and hawed and then just had a PB&J, yogurt, and chocolate-covered raisins and cranberries, and evening meds of course
  • Continued reading stories
  • Took bedtime supplements
  • Worked on writing a story

Around midnight it was really quiet, the sort of quiet that is calming and focusing for me. I decided to stay up late to take advantage of it. I didn’t write a whole lot, but I wrote, and I like what I wrote.

  • Went to bed at 2:30am