Due to illness, I have not had a normal menstrual cycle. In 2003, I had my first natural period in five years. However, I didn’t have one after that, so I consulted doctors.

The general assumption was that uteran lining had built up over those five years and finally come out. I sought the opinion of a specialist to see if this meant I might someday be fertile.

Under the specialist I took hormones off and on for two years. When I was on hormones, I would have periods normally–sometimes very strong ones. When I went off the hormones, I would usually have one more period, and then stop.

Recently the specialist I was working with retired, and I haven’t sought help elsewhere. To be honest, it has been very tiring dealing with this issue, waiting for periods, thinking I might be pregnant, etc. I have been off hormones for at least four months. But a few days ago, I started spotting.

The spots were red and brown, and I continued having them through the next day. On the third day, a regular–though mild–period arrived. The blood was alternately brown and red. Then today, the fourth day, it seemed to be ending. I wore a pad just in case to a party, at which I went to the bathroom twice and found practically nothing when I wiped.

But after I got home, I discovered a sudden rush of bright red blood, including a mass of clots.

Now it seems to have subsided, but I don’t know that the period is over just yet.

I had somewhat assumed that if I adopted a healthier lifestyle, my body would become strong and perhaps repair itself. However, this period has come at a time when I am overweight and sedentary, so I’m not sure what the catalyst was.

Generally, I have been feeling all right. For weeks now I have felt lethargic and uninterested in doing more than I had to to get through the day–I’d eat out rather than cook, watch TV rather than clean, drive rather than walk. But in the past few days I have felt very energetic. I have accomplished more in the past two days than I have in weeks.

I have tended in the past to get highly motivated on my period, so that may be the cause. However, I should also mention that at my mother’s recommendation, I have started taking Vitamin B Complex. I first took it on Thursday.

I am also taking a multivitamin, calcium, and folic acid. I am not taking any medications, though in the past I have taken thyroid medicine and blood pressure medicine.

Today’s weight: 241