The Book of Life Self-Knowledge Questionnaire

I stumbled across this questionnaire this morning, thought I’d take it and see what it thinks I am. Actually it seems rather accurate:


Part of you is gripped by the fear that you’ll launch into something and completely mess it up. The upside of this is wise caution: people are indeed often too rash, whereas you know, by instinct, that holding back can save you. Probably, you feel shame and self-disgust a bit too much. But when you do feel in your element, you act with a wisdom and sensitivity never found in people with thicker skins.


One part of your character is anger in all its forms: frustration, outrage – and when anger is suppressed – bitterness, grumpiness, and bodily aches. Fundamentally, frustration comes from hope: you get upset because you expect your life will be more than a valley of tears. One way to deny aggression is to direct it inwards, as self-criticism. But you’re at your best when you acknowledge anger, and act it out clearly and in a focussed way, with honour.


You are good at seeing what’s funny, at relaxing and finding the pleasure of the moment. Play is random, whimsical, fantasy-driven behaviour which releases internal tension. Because it is detached from some pressures it allows you to act on weirder, perhaps neglected, parts of yourself. The downside is that it is no help in sticking with things that are not much fun but which need to be addressed. So it is well complemented by its opposite, Stoicism.

The perfect woman

Cheryl has this book about birthdays. For every day of the year, the book provides a two-page personality analysis, using horoscopes and tarot readings.

May 30 people are supposed to be highly attractive, and analogized by a goddess who embodied the “perfect woman”. However, they have trouble getting things done, and would do best with freelance work.

I really wonder if that last bit even makes sense. I mean, freelance work seems appealing, until I actually have some. Then it’s just as tedious and boring as other work, with added difficulty: now I’m the one who has to be responsible, and set deadlines and schedules.

I truly think that the best career for me would be the wife of a millionaire.

Hurry up and get rich, Sean!