Greetings, Earthlings!

I’ve put up some pictures of Augusta’s Riverwalk that I took a year ago. Enjoy!

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shias – 2004-02-17 10:09 pm UTC

Have you ever thought about becoming a professional photographer? Those pictures are pretty good. Maybe work for the local paper or freelance for a magazine?

cosleia – 2004-02-18 01:25 am UTC

Yes, I have! I am the type that has frequent delusions of grandeur.

I don’t know anything about photography. I can set up a shot, but I don’t know what settings I’m supposed to use to get what effects or anything like that. I would probably need to take a course or something before I would be comfortable applying for a photography job.

Thank you very much for the compliment, though :) I’m glad to know that my amateur work is enjoyable :)

hyper_neko – 2004-02-19 05:56 am UTC

Wow, its really pretty over there!
That’s so neat Hea-chan, its so beautiful there. If I’m ever in that area, I’ll definately check that place out. ^_^

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