Wrestling with software

I’ve fought and fought today to get Gallery to work properly, but it doesn’t seem to like being embedded in Post-Nuke. I’ve heard that Post-Nuke is a poor choice for a CMS anyway, and I’ve pretty much come around to that point of view. I’m not sure what else to install, though, so it’s staying the way it is for now.

Basically, the “Photos” link points directly to the Gallery installation instead of to the module-loading php file. That seems to skirt the embedding issues. Since I reinstalled Gallery while trying to make it work, everyone who had a user account will need to have it readded. Email me and let me know. (Mom, I’ve already done yours.)

Anyway, if you missed it in the previous post, Savannah pictures are (finally) up. Enjoy.

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    Hello!! Long time no talk! I was just trying to get in touch w/all my old peeps. I have a LJ- userid: animesector

    Tara[@][H], 04.23.2004, 1:18 pm

    Wow, hey! It has been a long time :) Good to see you :)
    Heather[@][H], 04.23.2004, 6:12 pm

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