Ready to go

All my pre-op tests and clearances are out of the way, and my weight loss surgery date is set. Due to various privacy concerns, I won’t get into exactly when and where I’m having it done, but I at least wanted to let you know things were moving along quickly.

Now that I’m to this stage, the excitement has been shifting to nervousness. I’m thinking about all the arrangements I need to make beforehand and all the immediate changes there will be to my lifestyle. Last night I dreamed I went to the surgery location only to discover I was completely unprepared, and while I was considering going back home to prep, my car was stolen out from under my nose. Pretty obvious dream symbolism, eh?

But despite my nervousness, “cold feet” or whatever you might want to call the feeling you get before a major life change, I know this is the best thing I can do for myself and my family. I’ll live longer. I’ll be able to do more. I’ll have more energy. It’s going to be awesome.

So I’ll allow myself to be a little scared, for now, as I say goodbye to my former self. Very soon I’ll have the help I need to become even better than I already am. ;)


  1. My mom had gastric bypass in 2001 and is doing awesome. She was 61 years of age. She was insuline dependent. Two forty units a day. She has lost 130lbs and has kept it off since surgery. She is no longer insuline dependent. She doesnt take any pills for the diabetes. She now only has to take her blood sugar two times a day. Just to make sure it doesnt drop. She has turned her life around from the surgery. I am proud of her for maintaining the weight loss for now 11 yrs… She just had her 73rd birthday and looks awesome and alot better health.. Good luck on your weight loss journey and a road to better health.. Follow what the doctor tells you and it will work…..

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