The eye of the tiger

This is one of the greatest things I have ever seen.

Ah, Lois & Clark

Lex: I’ve never noticed your eyes before. How rich, how deep. Like pools of light. A man could drown in those pools.

Lois: …Huh.

Totally hot

Young Bruce Wayne yes.

Can I keep him?

"A real live Pakistani, who practices Muslimism"

Have you heard of this new show Aliens in America? I hadn’t, until TheStraightPoop mentioned she’s going to be an extra.

Click here and watch some of the videos. I mean, damn. I’m offended, amused, and intrigued, all at once.

It looks like it could be worth watching. Actually, some of the stuff, just from the videos, is scary because I recognize it from my life. I’m not talking about the prejudice, which is more blatant than I would expect, but the other things, the culture. The alpacas :>

(I do think I should point out that I was once acquainted with some Pakistani Muslims and I’m not sure they would always wear traditional garments. It seemed like it was the women who did that, while the men just wore western clothes.)

“Muslimism”. Snerk.

ReBoot rebooted

So, you may have heard that one of my all-time favorite TV shows is supposed to make a comeback. A publisher I’ve never heard of called Zeros 2 Heroes is apparently taking over the franchise. (Edit: Actually, Zeros 2 Heroes is a “social media company” that is handling the community part and possibly the webcomic part of the new effort; the actual production company is Rainmaker Animation, which apparently bought out Mainframe Entertainment.) Five different groups have presented concepts on their website, and fans are rating and commenting on them.

I looked them over and wasn’t very happy, but I didn’t expect to be. Maybe a cool show will come out of all of this, but it’s not going to be the ReBoot I fell in love with. Hell, season 4 wasn’t, either. In seasons 1 and 2, Bob was Han Solo, perfectly willing to delete Megabyte if he got the chance, but in season 4, suddenly Greedo shot first. (And Dot had apparently lost her mind.)

Some of the new incarnations don’t bother to give us our old characters, or when they do, it’s in a vague, “in the past” kind of way. The ones that do “continue” the story completely destroy the characters…Bob becomes a big bruiser in one of them, and Mad Max in another. Isn’t this what games are for? And also, it’s been done. Even if we ignore season 4 hippie Bob, I can’t see Guardian 452 turning into a musclehead. It’s just not…him.

In one incarnation, Dot is actually described as “just a girl”. What? In another, somehow she is married to Megabyte and the mother of a child with two fathers. What?

After season 4, I’ve had about enough of Dot getting the shaft, thanks. I’d like to see her kick some ass, like she did in the first three seasons.

There is no way Dot would ever think of herself as “just a girl”, and there is no way she would knowingly and willingly marry Megabyte, regardless of whether or not she had “code growing inside her”. (Bleh.)

Matrix and AndrAIa, who probably fit these new “hardcore” (snerk) concepts better than our original cast, are curiously absent, though one of the concept creators promised they’d show up later.

In most of these stories, Mainframe has been destroyed. In some of them, the city doesn’t even appear at all. Mainframe is kind of like one of the main characters of the original show, and the search for it was the entire point of season 3. Plus, Mainframe is awesome. Why would you ever get rid of it?

And then, oh and then, there’s the art. All but one of the designs goes completely off from the look of the original show. Honestly? I don’t think the show needed an updated look. Smoother animation, better textures, maybe. But it doesn’t have to look world-realistic…it’s happening inside a computer. I think season 3 was as far as they should have gone with tweaking the look. Season 4 crossed the line–somehow, the characters looked like action figures who didn’t quite seem to be placed properly in the scene, like they were filmed on a green screen. Now these new concepts are telling me that my beloved characters won’t even look like themselves.

What reason do I have to watch this new incarnation, really? I can’t seem to find one.

I think I will just have to write this off. And while I’m at it, I’ll write off season 4, too. Season 3 had a perfectly good ending. Sure, they didn’t beat Daemon, nor did they meet “the User”, but they saved Mainframe and they were all reunited. It ended with a sense of hope. I’d rather leave ReBoot there than with all these new, “darc” incarnations–season 4 included.

Reasons Earth 2 was brilliant

1) The utter disdain in Devon Adair’s voice as she reproaches the interrupting O’Neill, “I’m putting my son to bed, Commander!”

2) They never do tell you who it was Bess thought about. Because that wasn’t what was important. Here was a show where when there was trouble in a marriage, it didn’t automatically end. Here was a show that dealt with choice and consequence. Here was a show with people with real feelings and real emotions who made real mistakes and then had to live with them–and who chose to fight instead of taking the easy road.

3) Terry O’Quinn.

4) Tim Curry.

5) Devon and Danziger. Especially the scene where they’re tied up and Devon has to grab the canteen with her mouth.

6) Real children, and real parents. These aren’t adorable, model children. These aren’t scenery. These are kids with real personalities and motivations, who don’t always know what’s right, and who react extraordinarily realistically to being stranded on a planet with none of the luxuries they were used to. These are kids whose actions often drive the plot. These kids are characters!

7) Alonzo grinning when Danziger asks how old he is, and responding, “A hell of a lot older than you, kid.”

8) Deadly viruses that come not from the new hostile environment, but from something that happened years ago and light years away.

9) The Grendlers. They could have just been boring, stupid, and ugly. But they’re complex, motivated, friendly with a twist–their love for the taste of human blood. And then there’s that episode where their “humanity” is incontrovertibly shown…

10) Danziger’s apology to True. I cannot describe how attractive a good father is.

11) The amazing shot framing. I am constantly impressed by how plot elements will stay framed in the background, even when the action is in the foreground, or how receding action will remain framed by something related in the foreground. And then there are scenes that are just pretty.

12) The concept of a planet’s life forms having direct symbiosis with it. Sure, it’s an obvious environmentalist statement…but it’s also rife with story possibilities. Especially when you throw in the human factor.

13) How a story that seems fairly simple continues to become more and more complex, yet retains the themes that make everything still seem simple.

14) Fantastic props and costumes and set pieces. And who knew New Mexico was that beautiful? (I’ve never been there–sorry New Mexico!)

15) Morgan Martin, one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever seen. He’s not a hero in many ways, and yet in other ways he is. Most of all he’s real. He’s real and he makes all kinds of mistakes. But he’s not comic relief–or if he is, that’s not all he is. He’s a main character. (Side note: the actor who plays him is named Gegenhuber…was the writer of Kyou Kara Maou a fan?)

16) Exploring what it means to be genetically designed for something and to have other, seemingly baser motivations. Exploring various ways of dealing with criminals–exile, mind wipe–that aren’t really possible currently, but are just as rife with ethical dilemmas as the procedures we have now. Exploring so many science and social possibilities, all within the framework of real people stuck together on a mission gone sour.

17) Discovering things we take for granted about planetary life for the first time: wind, rain, snow.

18) The VR. I know, it seems to randomly appear after Julia uses it to contact Reilly…but it’s just so cool!

19) Reilly: You must tell me where you are so we can come and collect the child. Who knows? When you do, maybe the Council will name an entire continent after your family.

Julia: Yeah. Maybe they’ll call it Hell.

Waiting for a Fare

by Antonio Scarpacci

for a fare.

Here comes one now.
Oh, it looks like he wants to go someplace far.

You just want directions to the lighthouse?

It’s right there, you stinking little tourist!
What are you, blind?
Hey! You’re gonna lose that finger, pal!
Get in! I’ll drive you into the cold, dark ocean!

for a fare.

(Yes, my Wings season 4 DVDs arrived today. How could you tell?)

"I’ve been denied everything…even my revenge!"

My Gargoyles season 1 two-disc set arrived the other day, and I’ve already watched all the episodes plus the commentary on the first five. Good stuff.

Gargoyles is still one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Watching it again really took me back to my life as a teenager, though. The commentaries especially reminded me how much time has passed, and what things were like for me in 1994.

Sometimes I wonder if nostalgia is wanting things to be the way they used to be, or wanting yourself to be the way you used to be. Either way, it’s wistfulness over an impossible dream…but it can be such a poignant feeling.



Have you seen The Batman? I watched an episode the other day, and now it’s on again. It’s really neat! The art is just odd enough to be interesting without being irritating (so much of modern American animation art annoys me these days), and the animation is both smooth and stylistically choppy. Some CG work was obviously used, but it blends really well. I like the story, too–it’s a younger Batman, and he’s got all kinds of crazy gadgets. I guess it feels like a sequel to Batman Begins, in a way.

The opening credits are hilarious, too: music with a slightly techno, slightly 70’s flavor, bright horns for all the pows and socks–I love the reference to the Adam West series ;>

The clincher? Barbara Gordon just said, “Brucey, you are so the Batman.” XD