Turtle Tracks

Thanks to the stupid recall (so they put some peanuts in. So what? ;>), I can’t find Mayfield Turtle Tracks ice cream anywhere ;_; I bought some Banana Split last night instead.

Endless ribs

For those of you who don’t pay attention to my Twitter, or who may be coming across this post in the distant future when my Twitter will obviously either say something else or no longer exist, I went to Tony Roma’s for dinner tonight.

I did not know it was Endless Ribs night.

I happened to be coming out of the Payless next door when the devastatingly delicious scent of ribs wafted over to me. I had been looking for some workout sneakers, but no luck. My plan had been to get shoes, go home, and go straight to bed, then get up in the morning and either bike or go to the gym.

The ribs smelled so good…but I had planned not to eat again today, so I wrenched myself away from the siren song and got into my car, thinking I’d head to Sears in the mall.

I happened to notice Sports Unlimited on my right almost immediately, and changed my mind. This would be faster, and I could get home and go to bed.

They had plenty of shoes, but the ones I wanted didn’t seem to come in the right size, and I couldn’t find a salesperson to save my life. Never around when you actually want them, are they? ;P So I left and got in my car again…and my mind immediately turned towards ribs. I was in a sour mood because I was hungry, I reasoned. I’d be able to find shoes on a full stomach. And, well, ribs.

That did it. I turned around.

I had ordered a sweet tea and was poring over the menu when my server, Theresa, said, “You know it’s Endless Ribs tonight, right?”

No. I had come here specifically for ribs. Maybe a half rack. Maybe with some coconut shrimp. Not endless.

It was like they knew I was coming, and hauled out their most devastating attack.

“Baby back or St. Louis, if you buy a full rack you can have as many ribs as you can eat for the same price.”

Oh dear.

I pretended to ponder some more while Theresa looked after other tables. But I knew I had already decided. I was going to eat a zillion ribs, and then blog about my conquest. Oh yes. It would be glorious.

I foolishly ate most of the crusty bread and garlic butter that came out before the meal, and then I ate a few bites of baked beans–delicious–and loaded mashed potatoes before finally tearing into the baby backs.

Oh my word they were good. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me it only took me five minutes to eat that rack of ribs. I downed them like they were my only hope of ever living in Japan ;)

Then I nibbled at the rest of the food on my plate and took long draughts of tea, waiting for Theresa to come back so I could order more ribs. I can do this, I thought. If I eat a half rack, that’s getting 50% more food for free. I doubt I can do another whole one, but it’s something to shoot for.

But I was already starting to feel a little full, and by the time I had ordered the next rack I was wondering if I was going to be able to eat any of them.

When they came, they looked huge. I don’t know if I just had smaller ribs before or if she accidentally brought me St. Louis ribs the second time. I have no idea what St. Louis ribs are, so there’s no way for me to know.

I had to use my knife to saw off the ribs, too, which furthers my belief that they were the wrong kind.

Anyway, I nibbled the meat off two ribs and was working on a third when I realized that if I ate any more, I was probably going to throw up.

So I stopped.

I sat there for a long time, forcing myself not to eat any additional food. This is hard for me. If there’s food in front of me, my tendency is to eat it, regardless of how hungry I am. I gave in and took another bite or two of bread, and kept drinking tea, like a moron.

By this time I could actually feel my stomach sitting in my lap.

Ugh. I was feeling worse and worse. Theresa brought me a box for the rest of the ribs and a to-go cup of tea and the check, and I paid it and collected my things and “debouched”, to borrow a word from Robert Penn Warren, from the booth. (Proposed synonym: Jabbaed)

Ugh, ugh, ugh. “I used to enjoy this,” I said aloud as I fought to shove the front door open without putting any additional strain on my overloaded gut. I was only mildly successful, and I felt myself burp. Please, don’t let me throw up, I pleaded.

I made it to my car by walking as slowly as possible, and once I had managed to get myself and the leftovers inside, my first priority was undoing the pants. And oh, that felt good. Where before I wasn’t certain I could manage to get home, now I felt that I could at least hold out a little longer.

“And my DVDs should be here,” I said to myself as I exited the Augusta Exchange and turned onto Wheeler. My Case Closed 1.2 and 1.3 would probably be in the mailbox. “But I’ll have to rebutton my pants to get them…”

This idea didn’t please me…and fortunately it wasn’t necessary. Upon parking at the mailboxes, I discovered that my shirt was just long enough to cover the open buttons.

“Don’t look at my pants,” I quietly advised the woman sitting in the car next to me (not that she could hear me). Then I got out, opened the mailbox, and lo and behold, there were my DVDs.

I made some sort of noise, a grunt of strain and impatience and fatigue, as I got back into my car and drove the short distance to my parking space in front of the apartment. Then I juggled everything in the car into my arms–there was no way I was going back out there once I made it inside–and wrestled them out and up the front stoop.

“Gnah,” I said as the box of DVDs I’d slid into my pink backpack kept banging into walls and corners, jostling my full belly. I threw everything down in its approximate place and bolted for the bathroom…and then, blissfully, I unzipped.

“Ahhhhhhhhh,” I said, sitting on the toilet. I made all sorts of ungodly noises as the tea decided to beat a hasty retreat, relieving even more pressure. Finally I was able to change out of my work clothes into my shorts and T-shirt, and then I was comfortable enough to put the leftovers in the fridge and settle down at the computer.

I feel so good now, but it’s only because I felt so bad just moments ago.

So. Was it worth it?

Well…that first rack of ribs was damn good…

…but ugh.


It looks so freaking good in pictures and on the commercials.

Too bad it tastes nasty and the runny sauce dribbles all over everything and it keeps falling apart while you’re trying to eat it.

If you’d like a sandwich experience where you have to work to eat mediocre chicken in a sauce that literally stinks, try Hardee’s Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.

I’ll just get wings, thanks.


I am "domesticated"

Before I tumble off into sleep, I wanted to relate an anecdote.

Not long after I got back from the Tour of Homes, I asked Sean if he was hungry and he said yes. So I went looking for something to make for dinner.

My grandmother sent a can of pink salmon with me the last time I visited, and it had a recipe for a “Salmon Biscuit Roll” on it. I’d thought that sounded great, and had been waiting for an opportunity to make it. Today seemed as good as any.

I assembled the ingredients, making a few substitutions here and there, and prepared the dish. I mixed the salmon with Swiss cheese, an egg, and some celery salt (the recipe called for green onions–we didn’t even have regular onions or onion powder–and parsley, which we didn’t have either). Then I made biscuit dough, rolled it out (actually, I had to flatten it with my hands, because apparently Cheryl doesn’t have a rolling pin), and put the salmon mixture on top. I rolled it up long-ways and sealed the roll, then shaped it into a circle and sealed the ends together. Then I cut 12 slits in the roll and pulled them all to one side. This made for a very pretty pinwheel effect. A brushing of egg (which I did with my hand, because apparently Cheryl doesn’t have a basting brush, which seems weird since they barbecue), and it went into the oven for 25 minutes. While it cooked I made the suggested condiment, sour cream plus parmesan cheese and salt and pepper and (in my case, since I didn’t have dill weed) celery salt. A quick side dish of Kentucky Wonder Style green beans, and dinner was ready.

“This is really good,” Sean said, digging into it. “Did they buy this, or did you?”

“I made it from scratch,” I said…and his eyes actually bugged out. “From a can of pink salmon my grandma gave me.”

“It’s great,” Sean said, and then, as if deciding that wasn’t quite sufficient, he stressed, “This is wonderful.”

So! I can cook stuff after all!


Not fair!

I have a headache, but I have not had caffeine today! In fact, I’ve been a fairly good little eater…cereal for breakfast, peanut butter crackers for lunch (seriously!), a pot pie for dinner, and okay yeah I had some ice cream but still! That’s better than usual!

Maybe there was too much iron in the pot pie or something. :P



"I think all of us have one question," AJ said. "What’re you going to eat today?"


Well, I don’t know what I’m going to eat today. However, yesterday, I had:

  • five pieces of pizza
  • two cans of Mountain Dew

Hopefully that will satisfy everyone’s curiosity for now. ;P

Sean and I awoke this morning to the violent sounds of a raging storm. Rain slammed against the roof and walls of our apartment as lightning crashed and thunder cracked deafeningly at very close range. Sean got up to look at the storm out the deck door, then returned to curl up in bed. “Honest,” he said, “Georgia didn’t have tropical South American weather before you moved here.”

It’s all my fault!!!

McAfee Virus Scan renewed itself yesterday, so I figured I’d keep it rather than cancelling the service. I’m scanning my computer now, and so far, three small files in my Temporary Internet Files folder have come up as infected. I’m not sure if they are actually causing a problem or not, but it’s good to know that McAfee caught them. The viruses are named “Exploit-ByteVerify” and “JS/Seeker.gen.f“. I just remembered that I haven’t bothered to apply Service Packs to Office yet, so I’ll do that once the scan is done and hopefully lower my infectability factor.

Last night we had Paul over and ordered pizza. That was our tradition for a long time, but the past few weeks we’d been neglecting it. It was good to have company over again. We ended up watching the first two DVDs of Kimagure Orange Road, which I found very amusing and fun. The male lead suffers from that same inability to articulate his desires to women that we see in many titles, but it’s not as overwhelmingly irritating as it is in, say, To Heart. In fact, Kyosuke does much better with it than Tenchi or Keitaro (to use two very famous examples), which is a refreshing change. I’d like to watch more of the show, and soon.

I also need to catch up on Naruto. Episode 44 was just released by the fansubbers, but I think Sean and I haven’t seen anything past 38.

The AMRN has been kicking, so much so that two new games may or may not be in the works. Snipes has been putting together a website in hopes of resurrecting the long-dead Bubblegum Crisis game; Sam has been kicking around the idea of a Cowboy Bebop game for months now. I’d like to mention here that I’ve thought about doing a Cowboy Bebop game ever since seeing Cowboy Bebop. The universe is extraordinarily rich, and the genre leaves plenty of room for more intrigue and fun. The game would have to exclude the original cast, but I feel that assembling a new group of people and writing a story for those people would have the same effect as the anime. What happens, ultimately, would be directly relevant to them, and when it was all said and done they would have changed the face of the universe.

Of course, the biggest problem with that is keeping players. If you let someone join who ends up flaking out a few months in, then you have to totally rewrite your story. This, plus the fact that I am already running two games, sort of curtailed the tiny, preliminary thoughts I was having. Still, the thought that Sam might work something up is exciting. I wonder what sort of character I could play…


All good things…

Continuing on the one meal a day plan, I ate:

  • one chicken club sandwich from Chik-Fil-A
  • one large box of waffle fries
  • one medium Dr Pepper
  • two cans of Mountain Dew, one of which I am currently drinking

I’m sort of in a weird mood today. I’m not sure what the deal is, but it probably has something to do with the IRC chat. You know how good things are…they tend to not always stay as good. I guess this is sort of the situation now, though I’m sure things will get better with time. Essentially, there is a guy who comes to the chat that pretty much everyone dislikes, but I have no legit reason to ban him, so we’re stuck with him. (In other news, I did ban Suzaku today–he was asking for it. Literally.)

I’d like to be in the mood to post, and I’m working my way back in, but it’s a slow process. I don’t really have much to say beyond that, so I’ll stop here.


One meal a day; plus, IRC is cool

Today, like yesterday, I only had one meal. It was:

  • one pint sweet and sour chicken
  • one pint rice
  • one can Mountain Dew

I’ve also been drinking water.

I’m not sure what the deal is, but yesterday and today I just didn’t feel like eating, other than the main meal that came around what lunch would be for me if I was counting. Right now I feel like I should be hungry, but I don’t particularly want to eat anything. Thinking about food makes me go “Meh.”

Sam says that I should try to stick to one meal a day for a week so that my stomach will contract. Then I’ll get full easier, as long as I eat slowly. I say that sounds like a good plan, so I’m going to go for it.

Boy, we had a crazy time in the channel tonight. I told Kitty Larke’s player to come in, and she did, and she was a hoot. She’s one of those who is quite adept at the skill of chatting, and she kept us all in stitches. We amused her greatly, as well. It was a rousing good time for all, during which postage occurred…so in essence, I was quite a happy camper!

I really haven’t had a good, fast-paced chat like that in a long time. We used to have them back on EFNet, #robotech and #starwars!, but after awhile people just stopped going to EFNet (including me). I really love what the IRC room does for the AMRN. Giving people a common place to discuss posts and conspire together and get to know one another was a fantastic idea. Posting has increased among the people who show up to the chat, I believe, and we’re tying more things together far more easily than before. It’s the sense of community that I always felt we needed. Not everyone comes to the room, so it’s not an all-encapsulating experience…but we have enough of the major posters that it almost feels like it. It’s fantastic.

Diary Health

Sweet and sour exercise ennui

  • Small bowl of rice and sweet and sour chicken, left over from when we had Don and Suzanne over for dinner

I figure this is okay because it’s dinnertime. For me. Because I stay up late and get up in the afternoon.

I’ll need to get some more rice soon…I just ran out of the stuff I bought at the Korean market and the bit I had left over from the Japanese grocery in Kentucky. All I have now is a bag of long grain white rice that Sue gave me. It really doesn’t taste as good as the short grain Japanese brand rice, unfortunately :/

I was talking in the channel about how I need to start exercising. Sam says that walking isn’t enough, that tennis is okay, but that he recommends fencing. The first two I can do at my apartment complex for free…so maybe a combination of those?

Blah. The worst thing about exercise is how boring it is. I love how good I feel afterwards, but the whole monotony of it really gets to me.

Sweet and sour chicken = teh yum. I was just thinking that a sweet and sour chicken pizza would be faboo.

I am suddenly very depressed. I am pretty much double the weight I should be. I have no idea what to do about it. Or rather, I have ideas, but I have no follow-through. I don’t know what to do about that.

Gonna stop writing now.



I have eaten way too much.

Before we left, I had:

  • the rest of Sean’s french fries
  • the rest of Sean’s double quarter pounder with cheese

Then we went to Barney and Sue’s place for Paul’s party, where I consumed:

  • baked beans
  • black beans
  • pasta salad
  • “dirty” rice (rice mixed with meat)
  • most of a cheeseburger
  • one glass of sweet tea
  • one scoop of Neapolitan ice cream
  • one large slice of white cake with thick whipped topping

Right now, because I am freaking insane, I am drinking:

  • a can of Mountain Dew

If I keel over dead in the night, you’ll all know why.

I owe you all a story, a damn good one, but I really feel too ill to think clearly. I promise to come back and write something good. Maybe I’ll discuss the party, or maybe I’ll dredge up more childhood memories. I could talk about Noelle, maybe, and my trip to see her at Myrtle Beach. Unless I wrote about that already. I’m too fuzzy to remember now, and I don’t feel like checking.

I’m going to go lie down for a bit and let my food digest. I’ll be back later.

Diary Health Ponderings

It’s a marathon…

I’m about done with my

  • Slim-Fast

and I’m not really sure what I want to talk about. I guess another ramble is in order.

Paul just had his birthday the other day. Today we’re going over to his parents’ house for a little party. This means I don’t have to cook dinner. Whee!

I finished my Slim-Fast like half an hour ago and I’ve had this window open for longer than that, and I can’t think of anything to write. Instead, I’ve been reading stuff. I came across this interesting article during my bored procrastinations. Basically this is a group that will train you to run a marathon and then send you to where the marathon takes place–they cover virtually all costs as long as you have found enough pledges to meet their requirements. All the pledged money goes towards cancer research: specifically, leukemia and lymphoma. And you get to travel and get in shape. It sounds like a win-win-win situation to me :) I’m going to start seriously thinking about doing it.

I have never been fit enough to run a marathon. It would be really cool to be able to run. Even when I was in kung fu, the time during which I was in the best shape of my life, I couldn’t run even a mile. There’s just something about running. I could stand (or jump) around for two hours throwing kicks and punches, but sustained running always left me winded and nauseated with a horrible stitch in my side. Imagine being able to run a 26 mile marathon and not feel that way!


Standing on the periphery

Yes, that’s right, you caught me. I’m eating

  • a Klondike bar.

So sue me already! Sometimes you just need goodies…

Here is a special message for a dear friend of mine. You know who you are.

So I’ve been going through the PvP archives for the past few days, as you know, and it occurred to me that I read comics about video games without actually being a player of video games. Sure, I can beat King Koopa in the original Super Mario Bros. (after a multitude of tries), and sure, I indulge in PopCap‘s fantastic Dynomite quite a bit, but I am really no connoisseur (connoisseuse?) of games. Games in 3D intimidate me. I tried to play one of the Mario ones once, and I was totally confused by the shifting camera angle. Supposedly men are better at spatial thinking than women, so maybe I go into it with a handicap. Still, I’m sure I could learn, if I cared to practice. I just don’t care to.

I say that about so many things :>

Anyway, this whole standing on the periphery of a movement and watching it happen but not really participating thing is typical of my entire life, or at least of most of my relationships. I always feel like an outsider, like everyone else is getting things done and going places and I am just watching and trying my best to catch up. I have this wild desire to be cool and interesting and to have people remember me long after I’m gone. It’s really…annoying. I want people to be interested in me, therefore I feel that I must become interesting. I’m not interesting yet, obviously, because I’m not famous yet. Right?


I’m starting to like the design of my Xanga blog better than my main site design. It’s sort of annoying me. Then again, maybe it’s time for a change on my site. I do, after all, favor the color blue. We’ll see if I ever feel like actually changing it.

Speaking of web design, I still owe my mom a redesign of the business site, and I also should redo GP4‘s page and update the Macross 2051 homepage. I really haven’t felt in the mood to design a website in quite some time; otherwise, I would do something for Box of Bunnies, the new website for my local circle of friends. But meh.

I still feel like I’m hungry…like for a chicken sandwich o_o I guess technically I only had two meals today, but still, a sandwich? At this hour? Bleh.


This is a train! It counts!


  • String cheese

that yet isn’t string cheese. (It doesn’t pull off in strings. Being shaped like a log does not make you a string, it makes you a log. Dammit.) Oh, and I’m eating three of these monstrosities. They taste okay.

I wasted my anecdote earlier, because Sam told me I had cheated by not putting one in the post about dinner. I still maintain that that was in fact an anecdote…just a very short one whose core was “I read part of a book.” But regardless, because I posted another story to make him happy, I don’t have any left for this post, which sort of sucks because I have to write something.

I finally did manage to post for the Ghostriders. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. The actions were all organized and efficient, so they beat the hell out of the incoming Regults. Now they have to pick up Lynn Kaifun. hehehehehehe.

Sean asked me today if I wanted to finish up Pulp Fiction. I think maybe, now that I know exactly what’s going to happen (because he told me), it might not be so bad to watch the rest. I guess I was reacting to it the same way I react to most horror movies: the tension is just too much for me. I don’t know what the deal with that is. Does it mean that I couldn’t deal with a high-stress working environment? Or are those two things unrelated? (I think I could deal with high stress at work if I enjoyed my job, but who knows?)

Hey, it doesn’t have to be an anecdote…it can be a train of thought. This is a train…see? There are three cars. Four if you count this paragraph, and five if you count the meanderings about cheese. So there!

Art Diary

Time to practice!!

I’m actually not eating right now, but I came across an old PvP strip that I found infinitely humorous, given the situation.


Cole and I would get along just fine.